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NUST is a tool that builds direct, trusted business relations and automates cooperation between FMCG industry partners: Producers and Points of Sale.

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Saving time, effort and money is every business owner’s dream.
With Nust, you can have it all.

Do you know how much time your sales reps spend on point of sales audit? We do. With Nust you can release nearly 20% of your people’s capacity.

Getting retailers to sign trade marketing contracts has always required an in person visit to the point of sale. Not anymore. Nust allows you to send, negotiate and sign contracts within the app.

Imagine not having to pay external audit companies ever again. Imagine not having to pay anyone for time to travel between points of sale. Nust fully automates the audit process for you.

Don’t wait for a visit from a sales representative. You can now get the latest trade marketing offers via Nust. Choosing the best ones for your business has never been easier.

Negotiating with a pushy sales rep can be a challenge. Don’t worry, Nust lets you negotiate contracts within the app where it’s easier to stand your ground.

Take control of the audit process which is super easy with Nust. You just take a photo of the shelf, the system verifies it and your wallet becomes that much thicker.

Our potential

Before Nust came to life, we did a thorough research. Take a look below to fully appreciate the solution’s potential for growth.

What is FMCG?

Fast moving consumer goods are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low price. You might say that almost everything you have on your typical shopping list (bread, butter, meat, fruit, snacks, soft drinks, beer and even soap or bath salts) belongs in the FMCG category.

How big is the market?

Everywhere in the world people eat, drink, clean and get clean, so you can imagine the FMCG market is huge and constantly growing. It is expected that by 2021 it will reach 10 trillion (yes, trillion) dollars globally. In Western Europe only it’s worth way over 600 billion dollars. In India, the market is estimated at around 50 billion dollars now, but it’s growing at a staggering rate of 20% a year.

Where is the challenge?

Before you grab that candy bar from the counter, someone needs to make sure you see it better than any other brand. An army of people are working on it.

How can Nust help?

Nust is a solution that will help producers communicate with retailers directly and fast. Retailers will learn about marketing campaigns sooner and will be able to participate in more of them. The cost of audit will be significantly lower – even by 79%.

Our Management Team

Are we a small team? Maybe. But we prefer to think of it as a high concentration of talent.

Maciej Kureczko CSO / Strategy
Maciej Kureczko

CSO / Strategy

Marcin Rzetecki CTO / Blockchain
Marcin Rzetecki

CTO / Blockchain

Adam Brandt Deep Learning Architect
Adam Brandt

Deep Learning Architect

Agata Slater VP/Business Development
Agata Slater

VP / Business Development

Miłosz Rączkowski Art Director
Miłosz Rączkowski

Art Director

Jagoda Szulia Service Design Director
Jagoda Szulia

Service Design Director

Konrad Mroczko UX Designer
Konrad Mroczko

UX Designer

Our Advisors / Investors

Meet more people who helped get Nust off the ground.

Grant Blaisdell Strategic Advisor
Grant Blaisdell

Strategic Advisor

Mateusz Kara Legal Advisor
Mateusz Kara

Legal Advisor

Maciej Ziolkowski Investor
Maciej Ziolkowski


Our Partners

We have been lucky to partner with firms who share our vision.

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